LA Got Aloha is a Bi-Annual Hawaiian themed Hip-Hop / Art  event where attendees can expect to be greeted by hula girls with leis at the door, and tiki props scattered throughout the venue. Aloha attire / aloha shirts gives you a discount at the door, tropical specialty drinks are served, and performers from Hawaii are flown in to hit the stage . Visual arts is a heavy factor that brings the entire event together like glue. Along with showcasing artists in which they hang up art for display, we have artists that paint live throughout the duration of the event. This means that if you arrive when doors open you’ll see artists getting ready to paint in front of a blank canvas, at the end of the night, you’ll see a finished art piece. Because of the theme and way we promote our events, they bring a very diverse and friendly crowd allowing our attendees to connect through all forms of art.

THE OHANA (The Team Behind The Scenes)
Blake Borisoff [ CEO / Event Coordinator / Project Management ]
Jon May [ Graphic Design / Website / Stage Management ]
William Merle [ Video Editing & Video Management / Stage Management ]
Eddie Flores [ Visual Arts Coordinator ]
•Eddie Saucedo [ Photographer / Videographer ]
•Vanessa Lumsden [ Writer / Editor ]
Alex Sebok [ Writer / Editor ]